Amy explores visual and spatial information through multiple approaches to drawing and assemblage.  As a practicing artist and landscape architect, drawing serves as a common language throughout her body of work. Drawing has provided a consistent means of expressing and communicating ideas; whether focusing on the narratives inherent in land and landscapes or describing the values of a community.

recent work

This series of drawings are 1:1, full scale descriptions of the material, practical, and process language of gardening.  Influenced by black and white diagrams included in gardening books of the late 1800's to mid 1900's, the imagery has been chosen to express the contradictions inherent in ideas about land stewardship, the presence of the human hand, and resulting allegorical implications.  Paper tents shield a seedling, a paper cone channels water into the ground, a concrete bird rests on a wall, a saw blade is designed to “cut and cleanse”.  Soil, wood, seed, and sky are configured and arranged, describing actions necessary to manage seasonal change and establish boundaries, creating sanctuary in the face of sudden disruption.  Simultaneously abstract and figurative, garden, gardener, and gardening are compressed in a conversation of change, disruption, and renewal.  Moments from personal stories and larger metanarratives are expressed in each of the drawings.  

Drawings have been crafted with graphite and colored pencil on Arches hot press paper, the drawings range in size from 8" square to 22" x 30".